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Stupid Condo Management Company August 7, 2008

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This morning Brian was great and fed the baby his morning bottle and let me sleep. That was at about 5:30. Sterling went to bed at 7, so I’m surpised he went that long. Anyway, Brian got up, fed Sterling, got ready for work, kisses me in my very-sleepy state good bye, goes down the stairs, opens the front door and then yells upstairs,
BRIAN:”Dev, when you came home last night was my truck here?”
ME: “Umm…yes, this is not the time for games, I’m tired.”
BRIAN:”I’m not kidding. My truck is gone.”

So I get up. We look outside and there are grate-type marks in the pavement like it was towed. Brian calls and finds out it was towed by our property management company for expired registration. Funny thing is…the vehicle is on auto-renew for registration through McDonalds. It is not expired. The vehicle has been in the shop for quite a whilte getting the AC fixed and Brian hasn’t received the new tags. He had no idea.

We know this is our responsibility to update the tags, BUT no warning? When we first moved here I had forgotten to put the new sticker on. I had it in the glove box but totally forgot to put it on. They put a sticker on my van saying that if I didn’t have the new tags on within 24 hours they would tow the vehicle. Shouldn’t there be some consistency in their practices? I checked the condo docs this morning. It says “All vehicles on the property must be registered.” It doesn’t say anything about showing proof of it. According to that statement, they were wrong to tow it, in my opinion.

We haven’t liked this company since we moved in. And, seriously, if this housing market were better…we would consider moving because they suck so much. They are $60,000 in debt. How did I not check that when we bought? I think I thought, oh, it is an old condo association, they have been around for over 20 years they would have a hefty reserve. Ha…

Anyway…how NOT fun.


3 Responses to “Stupid Condo Management Company”

  1. Sugar & Ice Says:

    Ugg..that’s terrible! I don’t understand why they’d even care if you were registered or not. That doesn’t make much sense to me. It’s shocking that they’re so strict about it too…wow.

  2. Jeniece Says:

    Obviously they have nothing better to do, and to tow it in the middle of the night is sleezy.
    What is up with this state? I got a citation in a Miami Walmart parking lot last year for having expired tags when they weren’t even expired yet. (still had 3 weeks left)
    Who knew someone cases the parking lot looking for expired tags.

  3. whimsicalchaos Says:

    HUGS, I know that has to be stressfull! I hope you have the truck back now… and I’m praying for ya…

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