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Am I that lucky? August 10, 2008

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Could it be that both of my kids gave up pacifiers by 4 months? Harrison didn’t use his much after 4 months that I can remember and I haven’t used one in about a week with Sterling. Is there a trick you ask? I don’t give it to them all the time. And I stop packing them when we go out and just don’t need them.

My next statement is sure to offend some: I don’t understand how there are 2+ year-olds walking around ALL THE TIME with pacifiers. Are you kidding me? I understand at night time. I get that. If they need it to get to sleep, then fine. BUT, I really think if you just suck it up for a few days or maybe even weeks of them crying themselves to sleep at night you can get rid of it. I’m sure there are some of you just seething at my comments, but I don’t understand it. I also don’t understand bottles much past 1 either, but to each their own, I guess. I just don’t understand why. I just can’t imagine bottles and/or pacifiers are good for their teeth past a certain age.

Anyway, now that you all hate me — here is why I posted: Can I be lucky enough that both of my kids gave this up at 4 months?



3 Responses to “Am I that lucky?”

  1. Sugar & Ice Says:

    I think Lila gave up her paci around 10 months. She just didn’t seem to really need it anymore. I am also kind of weirded out when I see 2+ year olds walking around in public with pacifiers in their mouths. It’s kind of disturbing when they look like they’re getting closer to 4! As far as bottles go, I don’t get that either. Maybe I was a mean mommy, but Lila gave up her bottle (not that she was all that attached since she only took one at her baby sitter’s house) right at one year. It kills me when I see pictures of Tom Cruise’s daughter and her bottle…she’s just a week or two younger than Lila…so almost two and a half!! I am of the opinion that if you’ll just let them have maybe one or two hard days that you can do away with these things.

  2. whimsicalchaos Says:

    Lore used her’s for a few months and then never touched them again… I think she stopped around 4m also… but I don’t get the whole nuke thing past age 1 when it is used all the time… I saw a 4 year old with one… at the store… 4… ugh that is just nuts…

  3. MrsSSG Says:

    BC stopped getting bottles at 13 months old and still uses his paci at night, but that is soon ending, he is walking around with it in his mouth before bed time and it drives me nuts.!

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