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Not what I wanted… August 18, 2008

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I came home from a photo shoot on Friday.  My babysitter says “I don’t know what happened but I went upstairs and when I came back down the computer screen was black with a cursor on it.”  I fiddle a bit with it, but nothing major I think.  I take her home.  I come home and look into it a bit more…major software issues (i.e., virus) with Windows and now my operating system is screwed up.  I need my computer for work, so off we went on Friday night to get a new computer.  Not exactly what I was hoping to do on Friday.  You know what a pain new computers can be.  Then you have to re-install all of your software and everything.  My printers aren’t compatible.  I’m trying to get my hard drives out of my old computer to sync up to the new one, but I have to scan the drives first so I don’t share the virus with this computer.  My monitor wouldn’t even work, I had to get a new cord.  This is stupid.  The biggest problem was that I missed a wedding consultation on Friday.  All of the information of the meeting was on my computer.  So I had to miss it and just wait for the dreaded phone call of her wondering where I am.  I explained what happened and she said she wants to reschedule thankfully.  So, let’s just say the bride decides not to book because of this hassle, potentially that could be true, plus the cost of the computer and extra stuff to make it all work, this little problem has cost me between $1,500-2,800.  She said she was on my.space before it happened.  Some people I have talked to said it could have been a virus from my.space but others have said no.  Anyway, needless to say, I’m not happy.



2 Responses to “Not what I wanted…”

  1. Sugar & Ice Says:

    My husband, the computer nerd, says you can’t get a virus from simply going to MySpace, but if she was on MySpace and then clicked a link from there that went to somewhere fishy then she could have gotten one that way. Was there no way to recover your computer?? I recently got a virus on ours, and though it was pretty bad, we were able to salvage everything.

  2. whimsicalchaos Says:

    You should be able to salvage everything… I can ask Jeremy what you need to install on the new pc to make sure this doesn’t happen anymore…

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