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Sheesh! Kids DO say the darndest things! September 12, 2008

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This morning I heard Brian saying “Holy Cow.  Wow.”  I asked him what was up.  Harrison and Brian were watching Super Why on Brians iPhone in our room.  I was in our bathroom getting ready.  Near the beginning of the show they introduce the characters and then ask the kids watching to say their names.  Harrison has been waving lately instead of saying his name like he used to.  Brian said “Tell them your name.”  Harrison looks at him and says VERY matter-of-factly “Dad, they can’t hear me.”  WHAT?  Now, he still thinks they can see him because he waved, but somehow has figured out that they can’t hear him.

He is so funny.  All day long I just am amazed at what he says and what he does. 

His favourite letters are C D M K.  He walks around talking about them all day.  He is counting to 20 pretty well by himself.  He forgets a few numbers.  The alphabet, if I show him in a book he can say most of them without prompting.  He is starting recognize some by sight on other things as well. 

I’m not telling all of this to brag, but this is our journal and I want to remember what my kids were doing at what ages.  I hope it doesn’t come off as ‘showing off’.

Anyway, I know I’m a slacker poster.  Lots of crap going on here.  Busy with photography.  Busy with life in general. 

WE ARE GETTING A PIANO TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am SO stoked.  I really didn’t think I would get this excited over a piano, but I am super super excited.  It is Brian’s Uncle’s piano and it is just on loan to us, but I can’t wait!  They just called me as the Relief Society Pianist, which is funny since I haven’t played in 10 years, but I’m excited!  I always wanted music in my home for my kids, so this will be great.  I’m sure I will be rusty, but I”m looking forward to it.  You know, I’m just not busy enough, now I need to find time to practice the piano.

Not much else new here.  Brian is home on vacation — today is his last day 😦  I didn’t even get to spend much of his vacation with him 😦 

That’s it from here!


One Response to “Sheesh! Kids DO say the darndest things!”

  1. Lowa Says:

    That is great about Harrison and his letters and counting! Sounds like my kids. My oldest and third were especially that way and they both started reading on their own when they were four. The oldest read at a college level (speed and comprehension) when he was seven. I had him in public school for a year (typically we have always home schooled) and they all were very excited and wanted to put him in a gifted program. Which he did try. Anyway, he will be 16 next month and is working on writing three separate novels! LOL

    That is what I love about home schooling. The fun and excitement of learning new things doesn’t go away and get replaced by tedium and being stuck in a stuffy room all day long and waiting in lines.

    Your boys are so cute! Keep up the great job:)

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