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So much has been going on! October 2, 2008

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Seriously, I feel bad i haven’t blogged in forever!  So MUCH has happened! Or at least it feels that way!  I am doing my first wedding fair for my photography business www.dbimages.ca on Sunday (I know, I know, it’s a Sunday and I shouldn’t work on Sundays, but that is when it was scheduled.)  So that is a HUGE deal and a TON of work.  I’m almost ready for it, thankfully!

I went to my first HOA meeting for the condo association yesterday and I’m going to be on the new board there.  It is in SHAMBLES.  ‘Cause I have time for that.  But seriously, I have to make time.  I live here.  Someone on the board better give a damn about what is happening here.

I have played the piano a few times in church now — it isn’t that bad — I survived! 

Brian is working hard as usual.  Harrison is getting smarter by the minute!  It is INSANE! 

I am working on a BIG rant blog post that will probably turn away readers, but oh, well.  Seriously, it is irritating me more and more each day.  It is a long one that I have to word properly. 

My parents are submitting their papers to serve a mission soon!  WOW.

Oh, Sterling can say Mamamama and it is THE cutest thing int he world!  Some of the pictures below, that’s what he’s doing.

Okay, on to Sterling’s 6-month pictures and a few of the handsome big brother!  Oh, and there area a MILLION pictures!















MOM, STOP taking my PICTURES already!!!!!

















I call this one: I can suck my thumb…what’s your superpower?

Harrison had an unfortunate meeting with one of our cats that didn’t want him playing with them.



3 Responses to “So much has been going on!”

  1. So cute!! Your boys are so handsome!! Tell me all about this wedding thing you are doing. Sounds busy but fun. I am sure it is right up your alley. I am so happy for your parents!!!!


  2. Jannut Says:

    I love the pictures! I am excited to read the big long ranting post…

  3. whimsicalchaos Says:

    love the photos of the boys… and I hate working Sundays too… just completely sucks!

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